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As a Phoenix native, I have a deep love for this vibrant city and the growing potential for a strong community. I approach every opportunity to advance this city with sincerity, honesty, enthusiasm and a real eye to sustainable partnerships. To me, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing a client bring their plans to fruition in this amazing city.

Brian Kocour is the President of the Arizona Green Chamber of Commerce, a nonprofit  promoting sustainability, health and wellness and community.  Brian looks to be a catalyst for encouraging a new Circular Economy.



For the past 20+ years, I have been helping people lease, buy, and sell property. I have a thorough understanding of the commercial real estate market in Phoenix and know what it takes to champion a client’s needs.

Providing great customer service, serving as a trusted fiduciary and adviser, and bringing resources to my clients are my top priorities.

Kocour Company brings a full-service approach to each client and every assignment. We provide the specialty marketing processes needed to reach successful real estate outcomes.  Kocour Company deploys a combination of marketing and relationship elements to meet client's needs.  


Why go with Kocour Company?

Kocour Company Believes in Service.

We deliver on our customer service promise through our:

Kocour Company believes a relationship is the very most important part of our business and strives to perform and grow each relationship as a true partnership.

Marketing Materials
Kocour Company believes the marketing materials provided should explain and convey the positive attributes in a professional manner with up to date facts and information.  Kocour Company relies and rewards the third party marketing company for the final product to be exposed to the market. 

Window Signage
Kocour Company believes that a vacancy whether for sale or for lease should include informative materials in the window such as square footages as well as marketing flyers so prospects get more information when they are viewing the property for the first time.

Video Showings
Kocour Company believes that you must be creative and innovative in today’s market and in doing so has just added video showings of each property explaining the positives and attributes of the property while showing the interiors of each vacancy with narrations.

Drone Videos
Kocour Company integrates technology by engaging a drone company for a unique visual showing of property attributes.

Brochure Holders
Kocour Company believes that putting marketing brochures in the Kocour Company lollipop sign is a tasteful and professional to market the property.  It promotes constant visits to the property refilling the brochure holder’s and monitoring activity by pedestrian/vehicle traffic and interest.

Exposure of the Asset:
Kocour Company believes the asset should be exposed both in direct mailings to targeted prospects and accessible by every capable resource available via the internet.  Programs such as Co-Star, LoopNet and , as well as our newly constructed website called www.KocourCompany.com are all utilized to ensure the property has the maximum exposure. Additionally we provide our link on www.localfirstaz.com to view our availability and the website.

Property Analysis
Kocour Company believes the asset should be promoted with the emphasis on positive attributes and provides an analysis to the client suggesting the best ways to maximize curb appeal. 

Tenant Target Analysis
Kocour Company believes that the Broker should explain to the shopping center ownership the conventional Tenant Mixes found for each property type and provide a Target Tenant List tailored to the subject property depicting the lacking categories and/or property themes that may be pursued to better position the retail asset.

Market Conditions
Kocour Company believes that market conditions dictate how real estate transactions should be made and looks to educate both Landlord’s and Tenant’s on what and how deal structures should be made in efforts to grow the Landlord and Tenant relationship 

Property Managers
Kocour Company believes the communication and cooperation between leasing agents and the property managers is the biggest asset a Landlord can have.

Associations, Organizations and City Municipalities and the Neighborhoods they work in
Kocour Company adheres to joining associations and organizations as an effort to promote and provide a conduit marketing service by working with the ultimate decision makers directly.  Our involvement includes ICSC and Urban Land Institute (ULI) as well as relationships with and affiliations with the Phoenix Downtown Partnerships and local liaisons with each city municipalities   Most recently we have joined http://www.localfirstaz.com which is a unique organization that promotes the true entrepreneurs into successful retailers by networking, strategizing and promoting Arizona Home Grown Businesses.   In addition, Kocour Company understands and respects each neighborhood they work and live in and strive to better each community with positive actions and involvement. 

Co-operating Broker Philosophy:
Kocour Company believes that broker relations are a major part of the transaction process and encourages procuring brokers. 

Kocour Company Family Real Estate History~ It Is in Our Blood.
Frank Kocour (Brian’s father) was a banker for 15 years, and then changed professions to commercial real estate. He partnered in a commercial property management firm specializing in the fee management and leasing of multi-family housing and commercial properties. One year later he bought out his partner and focused the company activities only on commercial properties, leasing and fee managing approximately 65 office, medical and retail projects in the greater Phoenix, Arizona area. In 1988 the company direction turned to exclusive tenant/buyer representation, focusing on retail and industrial properties. Frank’s original company, Kocour Company, enjoys an excellent reputation and is considered one of the premier firms representing tenants and buyers in the state of Arizona, representing small to medium sized businesses. 


Client Reviews

Working with Kocour Company is like having your own private guide to the market. The knowledge of neighborhoods, market trends, and construction quality is their superpower.
— Great Client
Kocour Company had a selling plan that highlighted the real value of our property and attracted the right buyer at the right price. I was very satisfied and felt that the Kocour Company team was working for my best interest
— Satisfied Client
Brian and his team are rockstars! Our listing was very complicated with a lot of moving parts; Brian knew exactly how to make it all fit and get the job done.
— Happy Client